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Our mission is to help promote healthier living through environmentally focused solutions!

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment

Your home can play host to a variety of pollutants, many benign but some with the potential of aggravating allergies or leading to other dangerous health issues. Our team of professionals, following the EPA Indoor Air Quality Implementation Plan, will help identify any potential concerns in your home and provide affordable solutions to improve your Indoor Air Quality.

The Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Report includes a site walk with one of our ecoSMART advisors, a written report with recommendations, and an optional Air Test with Lab Analysis to identify known pollutants such as mold, pet allergens, viruses, dust mites, and tree / plant pollen.

Some of the more common items we are looking for include:

  • Signs of Past / Present Water Damage
  • Signs of Deterioration in Building Materials
  • Reporting of Health Symptoms including Respiratory
  • Presence of pets, plants, and other known allergens
  • Review of home maintenance upkeep
  • Necessity of performing additional environmental testing

Only available in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The Report

Upon completion of the IAQ Inspection and the results from the Air Analysis we will then prepare a report with recommendations to help improve your Indoor Air Quality.

Some of the more common solutions we propose include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Test
  • Deployment of a properly suited Indoor Air Purifier
  • Installation of Leak Detection, Air Quality Monitoring, or other ecoSMART solutions
  • Routine maintenance on areas of concern such as the HVAC system, Plumbing, Ventilation.
  • Further environmental testing to identify potential contaminates.

The recommendations will be provided to you in the form of a written report.  Upon your review Green Home Pros will be available for consultation and implementation.

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AirAnswers Home Indoor Air Quality Test

The Indoor Air Quality Test

As an AirAnswers® authorized testing provider we can assist you in deploying your very own system to detect the ultra-fine harmful allergen particles floating in your air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Competitive products currently just measure large particles of dust that settle quickly.  According to leading scientific studies, dust sampling is not the best indicator of actual exposure. AirAnswers® testing method has been proven in four clinical studies.

Our service includes a one week rental of a portable and easy-to-use device. We simply assess the best location to capture an accurate reading, plug it in for 5 days for allergens, and ship to our ISO compliant lab. Once our results are received we will come back for the device, deliver your written report, and review the findings with you.


Dust Competitors 1

Leave them in the dust

Our Solution2
Tests for 23 airborne mold allergens   check mark icon
airborne dust mite allergens   check mark icon
airborne dog allergens   check mark icon
airborne cat allergens   check mark icon
airborne pollen allergens   check mark icon
airborne mouse allergens   check mark icon
airborne roach allergens   check mark icon
airborne ragweed allergens   check mark icon
airborne dust or other particles   check mark icon
Patented technology   check mark icon
Samples 1 million liters of indoor air – WHOLE HOUSE   check mark icon
ISO compliant laboratory results   check mark icon
Detailed findings report Vague / Poor check mark icon
Personal consultation and action plan   check mark icon

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Our mission is to help promote healthier living through environmentally focused solutions aimed at monitoring indoor air quality, leak detection, and other indoor air contaminants. Our team of trained, certified, and insured professionals represent the best we have to offer in customer service and product expertise.  Call us today at (310) 735-4767 for more information on what Green Home Pros can do for you

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