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Air Conditioning and HVAC Systems

Holistic HVAC Approach Improves the Health of Your Building

Holistic HVAC hygiene is a proactive maintenance concept that is increasingly gaining traction within the industry.  The concept revolves around how each component of an HVAC system works in tandem to provide fresh air exchange and temperature control in a building. A single compromised component can have a cascading effect on the rest of the system and impact building health. Speak with one of our A/C professionals (HERE) to see how this would apply to your house or business.


Basic HVAC Function & Design

The HVAC system is designed to provide heating, ventilation and cooling to a building (HVAC).  In a sense it is the respiratory system of the building. The ventilation part of the HVAC system consists of the air handler unit (AHU), ductwork, and at times variable air volume (VAV) boxes within the ducts. The AHU has dampers, return plenums, filters, evaporator coils, heating coils, drain pans, fans, motors, insulation and supply plenums. Holistic HVAC hygiene accounts for the cleanliness of all of these components at a systemic level. Deficiencies in any of these areas quickly compound throughout the system and affect Indoor Air Quality.


Remote IAQ Monitoring

Another way to keep an eye on the HVAC conditions is with a real-time monitoring program, a set of wireless remote sensors placed throughout a building’s HVAC zones. These sensors will continuously monitor specific IAQ parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2, particulates, and VOC. The real-time data is sent via a node to a cloud-based dashboard that can be custom tailored with alerts to your mobile or hand held device.

For more information on our Remote Monitoring System visit (HERE)


Holistic HVAC Hygiene Maintenance

Maintaining the HVAC system needs to be a number one priority for homeowners and facility managers alike. These are just some of the proactive maintenance tips you should be taking regularly:

– Air Duct and System Component Cleaning 

– HVAC Coil Disinfection

– HVAC Coil Recoating

– Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

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